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Written by Administrator   
Monday, 10 January 2011 15:06

Second Chance Offers are supported in AuctionSound. If you have unpaid items and need to get a Second Chance Offer (SCO) to the next buyer in line, you can do this directly through AuctionSound. From Sold/Unpaid, go to Select an Action > View/Edit Item. Then, go to Select an Action > 2nd Chance Offer.


If you've already filed an Unpaying Bidder dispute, you can issue a SCO on the same Item number. If you want to create a copy item number because you have multiple products to sell, you can select Create a Copy.


After you've selected either choice, you can now select the bidder you wish to offer a SCO. Select the bidder, select a duration, enter a message if you wish then click Make Offer.