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Written by Administrator   
Thursday, 26 August 2010 15:17

Completely brand new to AuctionSound/Craigslist/eBay?

If you’re new to AuctionSound and want to list your items on Craigslist, we’re going to show you how to get setup.

  1. First, you have to create an eBay account to attach to your AuctionSound account. It will take only minutes to create. Go to: https://signin.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?SignIn and then click Register. Enter your information, click Continue at the bottom, and now you have an eBay account.
  2. If you haven’t signed up for an AuctionSound account yet, go to AuctionSound.com and click Create an Account. Enter a username, password and Client ID. The Client ID is what we will know you by so please enter your business name. This field is not changeable. Enter your email address or PayPal address, then click Create Account. Once you create an account, it will take you directly to eBay to set the token, in other words connect AuctionSound you’re your eBay account. After you click I Agree, you’re in the system.

Add inventory in AuctionSound to list on Craigslist

Now that you have an AuctionSound account, you need to list your items on Craigslist.

From the Dashboard, you can either click “Add Stock to Store Inventory” or if you’re not on the Dashboard, you can click Inventory, then Create New Inventory. The two most important pieces of information needed here are the Stock Title and Quantity Unused. If you do not have multiple items of your inventory, then the Quantity Unused would be 1.

Anywhere you see a description box, there is a drop down editor at the top left of the box. You must use either Internet Explorer or FireFox to use AuctionSound. If you plan on selling this item on eBay, you can set the eBay Automation Rules at the bottom.

Once you click Save Stock, it takes you to the page where you control where your inventory will be listed. Scroll to the bottom and select Prepare New Item for eBay or Prepare New Item for Craigslist. Select Craigslist and this takes you to the details page of the listing. This puts the item in the Craigslist Queue so you can begin the listing process by clicking on the Craigslist tab at the top.

Last Updated on Thursday, 26 August 2010 15:26