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01-01-2011 :: Second Chance Offers supported
01-01-2011 :: Item Shipped notification added in Consignor Notifications
01-01-2011 :: Retire old commission plans
01-01-2011 :: Reports page showing Month to Date first instead of Year to Date
01-01-2011 :: Simple Image Uploader released for iPad users or non-Flash users
01-01-2011 :: Choose to Pay Consignors with single copy of items and omit the store copy of items.
01-01-2011 :: eBay Catalog support
01-01-2011 :: Bulk Relist items and make Bulk Price Adjustments
08-24-2010 :: Changed tab structure - Auctions turns into eBay and Craigslist
08-24-2010 :: Launched Craigslist live in AuctionSound
08-12-2010 :: Added some incredible new templates to our template selection
08-02-2010 :: Working diligently on the Craigslist integration. Almost done!
07-27-2010 :: Integrated with eBay's Item Specifics changes
07-23-2010 :: Added the Sold function from any active queue
07-08-2010 :: Changed price intake: Online Auction is by itself, Buy It Now or Fixed Price is on the same line - before, Online Auction and Fixed Price were on the same line for item intake
06-24-2010 :: Added 2 additional lines for information on Intake that show up on .csv export
06-07-2010 :: Began Craigslist integration
05-25-2010 :: Made Package the default in Shipping
04-12-2010 :: Made eBay Categories more inline and tiered on the Storefront
03-23-2010 :: Mass Mailer has been launched
03-17-2010 :: Tested the mass mailer and implementing it soon
03-08-2010 :: Modify the quantity of Multiple Quantity Listings after they've been posted
03-03-2010 :: Unpaid Item disputes can be opened up in AuctionSound with different durations
02-19-2010 :: GivingWorks charity search implemented for faster charity lookup
02-15-2010 :: Invoice Consignors button located on the Consignor Summary
02-10-2010 :: Information icon added at the top right of every page for explanation
02-03-2010 :: Added editable Packing Slips
01-13-2010 :: Returns/Refunds section under View Item for all Paid, Shipped, Completed auctions
01-07-2010 :: Update on how to display your eBay listings on your Facebook newsfeed
12-18-2009 :: Payout section created for Fundraisers
12-11-2009 :: Buyer checkout message in the Shipping section
:: Brought additional servers online to accommodate for our recent growth
12-07-2009 :: Multiple location accounts have separated consignor lookup tools
12-03-2009 :: Made the Location Column editable in the In Queue section
11-27-2009 :: Created AuctionSound ticket system :: http://help.auctionsound.com
11-23-2009 :: Launched Multiple Quantity Listings live!
:: CSV Exports on Consignor Database and Sales Reports have been integrated.
11-03-2009 :: Apply Commission Plan across all active items in the system.
10-30-2009 :: Multiple Quantity is built in the back end and we are currently in the testing phase prior to launching it live.
10-27-2009 :: Dynamic Consignment Receipts only show columns for included values.
10-15-2009 :: Shipping: Domestic and International has been separated and now can select Flat or Calculated.
10-06-2009 :: Added full Commission Plan disclosure on Receipt page per item.


The new AuctionSound pro software was designed with modern web standards in mind making for more intuitive and streamlined user interface. Here are just some of the improvements to the design and additional features you will find:

  • New Dashboard with helpful information and links to popular features and functions
  • All new menu structure for easy navigation to all parts of the system
  • Elimination of frames and external popup windows
  • Maximized the horizontal display real-estate
  • New Retail only mode that takes consignment out of the way for retailers
  • Added an inline category selector with the addition of the category number input field
  • Simplified page designs and added colorful buttons on important features
  • Separated the Flat and International shipping options
  • Added commission descriptions on item intake
  • Separated the user password reset from the edit user form
  • Revised the consignment receipts by adding commission description and defaulted empty fields to N/A